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Malaysia Chinese Women Entrepreneurs Association 马来西亚华裔女企业家总会


To be one of the leading Women Entrepreneur Associations in Malaysia and beyond.


  1. Organizing & Participating entrepreneurship activities
  2. Business Community building & Unity


  1. Contribute To National Unity And Economy
  2. Enhance Women’s Leadership Excellence And Networking
  3. Update On Entrepreneurship Information
  4. Contribute To Community, Society And Nation Building

Core Values






Greeting from the MCWEA National President

Datin Sri Jessie Wong

I am honoured to the be elected the National President of MCWEA for Two Terms (2017-2019 & 2020-2023) from my humble beginning as a Secretary general position in MCWEA in 2016.  I am proud to have a team of capable MCWEA Committee Members who have been supportive and dedicated at all time in bringing interesting & exciting milestones for MCWEA.

Despite the Covid pandemic and along with it many unexpected challenges, women entrepreneurs remain strong and undaunted.  Through MCWEA platform, we have helped women entrepreneurs by organising various entrepreneurs’ seminars, skills upgrading seminars and team building activities with the objective to enhance women entrepreneurs skills and increase business networking opportunity.

We are constantly guided by the 5 key core values of MCWEA :  Mastery, Commitment, Wisdom, Empowerment and Appreciation as fundamental attitude and guiding principle in our of effort to grow and develop a MCWEA culture among us.  For the past years, I am glad to see the phenomenal growth of MCWEA along with our core values.

As Confucius said:
If you plan for a year, plant a seed
If you plan for decade, plant a tree,
If you plan for a millennium, plant a person
When you sow a seed, you will reap a single harvest
When you teach the people, you will reap hundred harvests

I am a firm believer of growing as a team and achieve more.  To all MCWEA sisters, let’s grow as a concerted team to achieve all vision, mission, goals together.
Together, we can reap hundred harvests!

MCWEA ,Because of YOU,  we shine!

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