1. To promote liaison and cooperation among Chinese Women Entrepreneurs’ network with Commenity and Industry, trade and/or industrial associations and/or business corporations in Malaysia the protection and advancement of the interests of the numbers in respect of commerce, industry, primary industries and other economic activities;
  2. To study and formulate views, observations and recommendations of the Malaysian Chinese Women Entrepreneurs business community in repect of the nation’s socio-economic development, so as to promote better understanding between the community and the Government and other public/private sector organisatisfy to contribute toward the development of national economy and promotion national unity;
  3. To collect and disseminate information relation Chinese Women Entrepreneurs’ activities in commerce, industry and other economic sectors;
  4. To liaise with other Women Organisations’ activities Chambers of Commerce or economic organisations, in particular to organise or participate in meetings relation economic matters, trade missions, exhibitons and other activities relevant to the promotion of economic cooperation;
  5. To promote social welfare activies as well as organisation sponsor manpower training programmes or seminars beneficial to the economic development of the nation;
  6. To impart relevant information to upgrad Chinese Women Entrepreneurs’ on business development and to promote the improtance of market branding educaiton
  7. To provide business network forums for enhancement trade relationship amongst companies for win-win collaboration to promote trade links locally and global;
  8. To develop and nurture any other diversified interst the business activities relevant to association objectives and in line Nation Development Programme.

MCWEA Core Values 核心价值

M – Mastery 卓越
C – Commitment 承诺
W – Wisdom 智慧
E – Empowerment 独立自主
A – Appreciation 感恩


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